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Live music, art, culture, delicious food, and stunning vistas; you will find all these and more in Austin, Texas. The capital of The Lone-Star State has long been home to an eclectic wealth of incredible musicians, entertainers, and vibrant nightlife. The city is also close to a vast array of trails, waterfalls, and various other stunning outdoor attractions in nearby Hill Country. It is easy to see why Austin has become such a sought-after destination for people and businesses alike!

We have been proudly providing comprehensive home inspections for the people of Austin and the greater Travis County area since 2018. Our InterNACHI® certified and licensed home inspectors have the skills, training, and tools to perform both residential and commercial inspections and a variety of other specialty inspection services. We are also licensed and certified by the NRPP to provide Radon Mitigation and Testing. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or seasoned pro, we have you covered for all your home inspection needs!

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Residential Inspections in Austin

Austin is home to many different homes both old and new. There are many quaint ramblers and older Craftsman-style homes to be found in South Austin, along with a variety of more modern new construction and condos along South Lamar. East Austin is also home to a strong mix of old and newer homes, and is the fastest growing neighborhood in the city.

Regardless of whether it is old or new, no home is without its issues. From malfunctioning light switches to rotted siding, there are a variety of problems even the most meticulously maintained homes can develop. Our InterNACHI® certified and licensed home inspectors are trained to detect and identify all manner of issues and material deficiencies within a home, allowing you to proceed with confidence in your homebuying decision.

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Specialty Inspection Services in Austin

We offer a wide array of specialty inspection services to help provide a more detailed assessment of the state of your potential home:

Commercial Inspections in Austin

Austin has always been an incredible place to do business. From the bustling restaurants, bars, storefronts, and music venues of downtown to the myriad of offices spaces and factories across the Central and Northern parts of the city, there are a wide assortment of different commercial properties available. With tech giants and manufacturers such as Amazon, Tesla, AMD, and Google all setting up shop, there has never been a better time to do business in Austin!

Unlike residential properties, commercial properties have extremely strict state standards and municipal codes regarding life safety, cooking areas, and general operation. Failing to meet these not only puts your workers and patrons at risk, but could also jeopardize your business’s ability to operate. Our InterNACHI® licensed and certified commercial inspectors have the specialized skills and knowledge of state and county regulations to effectively inspect any commercial property in the greater Austin area.

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Our Warranties

We not only provide extremely thorough and professional inspections, but also provide peace of mind. We offer extended warranties for each of our successfully completed residential and specialty inspections!