Pool & Spa Inspection Overview

Between Texas and New Mexico, we have some of the sunniest and warmest locations in the entire country. With blazing hot summers, it does not take an expert to understand the benefits of owning a pool or spa.

Swimming pools and spas immediately bring a level of luxury to your backyard. Aside from being great spots for social gatherings during the summer, they also provide an excellent means for exercise and relaxation.

However, swimming pools and spas also require a great deal of maintenance. Repairs to swimming pools and spas can also be quite expensive. With annual cleaning, electrical, and water costs alone estimated around $5,000 per year, it is even more important to make sure that your swimming pool or spa is in top condition and well maintained.

Pool & Spa Inspection Process

Much like a home inspection, a residential pool and spa inspection is a visual examination of all accessible areas of a pool or spa.

Per the InterNACHI® Standards for Pool and Spa inspections, your inspector will inspect and describe:

  • Plumbing, drains, filters, filtration systems, and valves

  • Electrical systems, motors, pumps, and lights

  • Pool heater and any solar heating systems

  • Safety barriers

  • Any adjoining structure(s) connected to the pool or spa

Your InterNACHI® Pool and Spa inspector will report on any needed repairs or corrections, such as:

  • Signs of active leaks

  • Damaged water line, tiles, drain covers, pumps, heaters, or filter housings

  • Poor or improper drainage

  • Improper pool deck settlement

  • Unsafe electrical connections, bonding connections, or pool equipment