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You will be hard pressed to find a more beautiful and peaceful place in all of New Mexico than the Village of Chama. Located just south of the Colorado border, this charming mountain village boasts panoramic landscapes and picturesque natural beauty in all directions. With a small tight-knit community, artisanal shops, and delicious New Mexican cuisine, it is easy to see why Chama is often regarded as New Mexico’s best-kept secret.

Cottages & Castles has been providing quality home inspections for the people of Chama since 2018. Our InterNACHI® certified and licensed home inspectors perform comprehensive home inspections for residential and commercial properties for Chama and all of Rio Arriba County. We also offer specialty inspection services, including everything from energy audits to radon testing!

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Residential Inspection Services

Despite its quaint charms and small size, the homes in Chama are some of the most spectacular we’ve seen. From stunning log cabins to sprawling ranch-style homes, the houses found in Chama have clearly been designed with full intention of taking in the magnificent scenery within which they have been built. Whether you are looking for a cozy mountain retreat or year-round home with some serious acreage, look no further than Chama.

Even the most luxurious of homes can have problems. From malfunctioning electrical components to missing shingles, there are a number of material defects that can go undetected to most homebuyers. In remote places such as Chama, invasive wildlife can also cause a few headaches, making minor material defects even more problematic. While some of these issues may seem small, they can result in significant damage and costly repairs overtime if not addressed early on. This is why, no matter how a home looks on the outside, it is always best to have it professionally inspected prior to purchase.

residential home inspection cottages and castles

Specialty Inspection Services in Chama, NM

We offer a wide array of specialty inspection services to help provide a more detailed assessment of the state of your potential home:

Commercial Inspection Services

As one would imagine, Chama is a popular tourist attraction amongst those looking to take in the natural splendor of the Rocky Mountains and Rio Chama Valley. As such, its businesses are very much geared towards tourism. Aside from resorts, lodges, and outdoor recreation, the town also has an abundance of restaurants, diners, and cafes offering authentic New Mexican food. There are several artisanal shops and art exhibits spread throughout the village, including the Chama Valley Art Center.

Unlike typical residential properties, commercial, multifamily/multi-res, and food service establishments have strict standards and regulations for cooking areas, decks, balconies, and life safety features by which they must abide. From kitchen exhaust systems to fire access roads, commercial properties have numerous features that are not only critical for staff and customers safe but also ensuring first responders can help in the event of an emergency. Our InterNACHI® licensed and certified commercial inspectors are familiar with Chama and Rio Arriba County’s regulations regarding commercial properties and will identify any areas that may pose potential compliance issues.

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Our Warranties

We not only provide extremely thorough and professional inspections, but also provide peace of mind. We offer extended warranties for each of our successfully completed residential and specialty inspections!