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Farmington is a dream come true for outdoor lovers of all ages. From the thousands of acres worth of bike, equestrian, and offroad trails to the historical landmarks such as the Chaco Culture National Historical Park, Farmington is a city brimming with astonishing beauty and rich culture. Despite its comparatively small-town feel, the city boasts incredible big-city amenities including state-of-the-art medical facilities, excellent schools, fantastic dining options, and a wonderfully diverse community!

Cottages & Castles has been providing incredibly thorough home inspections for the people of Farmington and the greater San Juan County since 2018. Our team of InterNACHI® certified and licensed home inspectors have the skills, training, and tools to perform comprehensive residential and commercial home inspections. We also offer a variety of specialty inspection services, including indoor air quality testing, sewer scopes, and radon testing!

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Residential Inspection Services

The homes found in Farmington are very much reflective of its history and diverse culture. From Crouch Mesa to Farmington West, there is a wide array of homes, including newer craftsman, ramblers, and the many iconic Native American inspired Adobe-Stucco homes. There is also new construction going up on a regular basis, making for plenty of potential housing options in this fantastic city.

Regardless of age, design, neighborhood, or how well it’s been taken care of, it is paramount that you have a home inspected prior to purchase. On the surface, a home may look to be in perfect condition, however, there can be a number of material defects that may not be noticeable to the untrained eye. This includes things like shifting foundations, rotting siding and deck panels, and malfunctioning electrical fixtures. Thankfully, our InterNACHI® certified and licensed home inspectors have extensive experience and skills that allow them to accurately detect these material defects.

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Specialty Inspection Services

We offer a wide array of specialty inspection services to help provide a more detailed assessment of the state of your potential home:

Commercial Inspection Services

Like much of New Mexico, Farmington’s combination of stunning vistas, small-town charm, and big city amenities has made it an incredibly desirable destination for both residents and tourists alike. It has also attracted a variety of businesses, ranging from retail and restaurants to healthcare and travel. Whether you are looking to be right in the action of City Center, Jaycee Park, or near the Four Corners Regional Airport, there are plenty of great locations for you to open shop in Farmington!

While containing many of the same features as residential properties, commercial properties must adhere to strict state/county standards, codes, and regulations for a business to operate. These primarily concern life safety features such as sprinklers, fire extinguishers, appropriate guard rails on decks and balconies, and preventing obstructions that inhibit travel in or outside of the property. As InterNACHI® licensed and certified commercial inspectors, we are intimately familiar with regulations governing all commercial facilities in Farmington and the greater San Juan County area.

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Our Warranties

We not only provide extremely thorough and professional inspections, but also provide peace of mind. We offer extended warranties for each of our successfully completed residential and specialty inspections!