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Just south of the San Juan Mountains lies the beautiful town of Pagosa Springs. Named for its world-renowned hot springs, Pagosa Springs is a beautiful town brimming with gorgeous scenery. Featuring year-round sunshine, abundant scenic trails, and some of the most stunning views of the Rocky Mountains the state has to offer, it is easy to see why this town is such a popular destination among tourists and retirees alike!

Cottages & Castles are proud to provide exemplary home inspection services for the people and businesses of Pagosa Springs. Our InterNACHI® certified and licensed home inspectors have the training, skills, and tools needed to perform incredibly thorough residential and commercial inspections. We offer a wide array of specialty services including Energy Audits, Radon Testing, and Sewer Scopes. Whether purchasing a new home or storefront for your business, we are here to help with all your home inspection needs!

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Residential Inspections in Pagosa Springs

Whether you are looking to stay year-round or just visit, the diverse homes of Pagosa Springs have a lot to offer. From quaint ramblers and craftsmen to majestic ranch-style homes and log cabins, Pagosa Springs homes exemplify the notion of a quaint mountain town. The town also features numerous more modern style condos and Bauhaus-inspired contemporary homes built directly into the town’s stunning landscapes.

Regardless of design or age, it is of the utmost importance you have your potential home inspected. Home inspections are an incredible tool for prospective buyers that help reveal all material defects within a given home. No matter how well maintained a home may look, no home is without its issues. Our InterNACHI® certified and licensed home inspectors perform incredibly thorough home inspections to help reveal these defects so you can make the most informed decision before purchasing a home.

residential inspection pagosa springs co

Specialty Services in Pagosa Springs

We offer a wide array of specialty inspection services to help provide a more detailed assessment of the state of your potential home:

Commercial Inspections in Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Springs’ year-round perfect weather and stunning scenic beauty make it a popular destination for tourists and a great place to do business! Downtown and Central Pagosa Springs have an abundance of local attractions, coffee, shops, restaurants, and retail outlets. The downtown area is also home to several fantastic hotels, spas, ski resorts, and recreation centers. With many new multi-residential properties in development, Pagosa Springs local business community is showing no signs of slowing down in its growth!

Unlike houses, commercial properties must adhere to strict state standards and municipal codes regarding safety and general operation. This includes wooden decks and balconies, commercial cooking areas, and life safety features such as guard rails, emergency shut-off valves, and functioning sprinkler systems respectively. Our InterNACHI® licensed and certified commercial inspectors will perform a thorough inspection of your Pagosa Springs property to ensure it meets all city, county, and state required regulations for commercial properties.

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Our Warranties

We not only provide extremely thorough and professional inspections, but also provide peace of mind. We offer extended warranties for each of our successfully completed residential and specialty inspections!