Energy Audit Overview

Monthly energy bills are some of the most expensive recurring costs associated with homeownership. From heat and air conditioning to washers and dryers, the costs to keep a home comfortable and functioning can be high. An effective way to see and understand your home’s overall energy efficiency is with an Energy Audit!

There are many factors that contribute to a home’s energy use that most homeowners are not even aware of. Heating and cooling systems, lighting, built-in appliances, and even seals around the doors and windows can have major impacts on monthly energy consumption. If any of these features or systems are deficient, they will result in a much higher rate of energy use.

An Energy Audit will help you determine how much energy your home is using, identifying problem areas where energy is being lost. It will also help identify potential updates and repairs that could be made to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

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During Your Energy Audit

An Energy Audit is a relatively non-invasive inspection that can last from 1 to 4 hours depending on the home. During your Energy Audit, your inspector will inspect:

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