Exterior Inspection Overview

The exterior of a home or commercial property is often the first thing anyone notices. One of the largest contributors to a property’s curb appeal, the exterior is made up of multiple different interconnected components, from decks and walkways to doors, windows, and siding.

The siding is probably the most critical component of a property’s exterior. Made from wood, metal, vinyl, clay, or brick, siding plays a critical role in protecting the contents of the interior of a home as well as its foundation from the elements. It can also have a significant impact on temperature regulation throughout the year.

One of the most popular materials used for siding in the New Mexico area is Adobe Stucco. This organic building material is the combination of clay, sand, and water normally coated with a layer of plaster, stucco, or similar synthetic substance. While beautiful, Adobe Stucco is a relatively weak building material, requiring consistent rigorous upkeep.

Exterior Inspection Process

In line with the InterNACHI® Standards of Practice for Exterior inspections in both residential and commercial properties, our inspectors will inspect all accessible parts of the property and report any needed repairs, including:

Commercial Exterior Inspection Only