Fireplace Inspection Overview

Fireplaces are an often-eye-catching centerpiece that adds a great deal of atmosphere to any home or commercial property. Not only do they add ambiance to any room they are in, but they are also an environmentally friendly and cost-effective means of heating your property.

Fireplaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all with different fuel sources and chimney types. From the classic woodstoves and brick chimneys to the more modern gas-powered fireplace inserts, these fixtures are still quite popular.

Though more of an aesthetic feature than a necessity, fireplaces are not an uncommon sight in the homes of the Southwest. In fact, the kiva fireplace (or pueblo fireplace) has become an extremely popular design choice for many new homes across New Mexico.

Fireplace & Chimney Inspection Process

Per the InterNACHI® Standards of Practice for Fireplace inspections in both residential and commercial properties, our inspectors will inspect all accessible and visible portions of the fireplaces and chimneys.

The inspection will vary between residential and commercial spaces, but will usually include inspection of:

  • Lintels

  • Hearths

  • Damper Doors

  • Cleanout Doors

  • Frames

Your inspector will identify and report on any potential defects or needed repairs, such as:

  • Joint separation, damage, or deterioration of the hearth

  • Inoperable dampers/damper doors

  • Missing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the same room as the fireplace

  • Cleanouts not made from metal, cement, or other non-combustible material

  • Lack of clearance from combustible materials